Global Presence

The hands behind our success are those of our partners and importers. It is their trust and belief in us that has enabled us to earn many accolades to our credit. We have been recognized by the Govt. of India as the one of the star rice exporters in the country - holding a dominant position in diverse and competitive markets like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia and other middle east countries.

Today we hold a substantial share of the total Basmati exports from the country. JRMT Global General Trading Co. LLC is well represented worldwide and their international distribution network covers many countries. The tie-ups with various distributors internationally ensure the presence of JRMT Global General Trading Co. LLC in all major markets.


Keeping an account of the popularity of Basmati rice in the international market, the company developed a powerful marketing strategy in the global arena. The company is already exporting to many overseas destinations. The company products have earned remarkable popularity in the market and the share of exports in the total revenues is rapidly increasing.

Parboiled basmati rice is favoured in the export market because of its aromatic flavour, elongation on cooking and its non sticky nature. Indian Basmati is the most preferred variety of rice globally.

The product quality and terms of business have enabled JRMT Global General Trading Co. LLC to attract the best distributors in the business. We had exclusive arrangements with the distributors in the Middle East countries mainly Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.